Sandra Landry's Page

Sandra Landry's Page

Hi! I'm Sandra. I live in the Missouri bootheel. Everyone seems to think I have an accent, but I think everyone else sounds funny!

picture of Sandra & kids

This is our happy little family-

Sandra, Rebekah, and Stephen.

Lake Wappapello

Lake Wappapello at sunset. This is a nice lake not far from where I live.

Greers Ferry from Miller Point in fall

Greers Ferry Lake as seen from Miller's Point in the fall.

Across and to the right is the campground where I spend weekends in the summer.

picture of Sandra & Rebekah at Greers Ferry Lake

Rebekah and I on the dock

at Greers Ferry Lake.

picture of Rebekah's baseball card

the back of Rebekah's baseball card

Rebekah's baseball card.

Stephen Landry

That Landry boy!

Stephen & pumpkins

Rebekah Landry

She's growing up WAY too fast!

Rebekah and Sandra glamour shot

Two beautiful women, all dolled up!

For some reason, Stephen didn't want to appear in this shot...

picture of Mercuito and rabbit

No family album is complete without the family Dog.

Here's Mercutio and the rabbit - wonder what they are thinking?

picture of Sandra in Collin Raye T-shirt

I'm a big Collin Raye fan, in case you can't tell...

This is just the beginning of my page. Check back often!

Comments? Questions? E-mail me and let me know! !

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